• Lydia Mercer

The World of Online Lessons

Like every music teacher in the world right now, I am figuring out how to move my students online. It's been going more or less the way I expected it to... with some surprises. Some good, and some challenging.

Helping a 7-year old beginner tune their violin long-distance ("ok, pluck your E string for me, nope, E string- that's the high one, ok, turn the tuner half a crank to the right, nope your other right," etc.) was an unexpected challenge. I don't know why I didn't see that coming. But the way some younger kiddos have been able to stay focused through 30 minute lessons that are (in many cases) on a tiny screen has me really impressed. I'm also pleasantly surprised that it's been pretty easy to keep the feeling of being connected with my students, and friends and family for that matter, without physically being in the same room. We're still laughing together, making goofy faces, expressing frustration and excitement and giving air high-fives... it's pretty great.

Hang in there everyone. Keep making music, stay connected, and stay home :)



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